Thursday, July 07, 2005

All I need to know about life I learned from Frank Sinatra

Voy a dedicar mi página a Sinatra, lo que va del mes.
A lo que llevo recorrido, siempre que he necesitado alguna respuesta la encuentro en las letras y la interpretación de sus canciones.

A continuación algunas buenas frases:

"Stay alive, stay active, and get as much practice as you can."

"I would like to be remembered as a man who had a wonderful time living life, a man who had good friends, fine family - and I don't think I could ask for anything more than that, actually."

"Fear is the enemy of logic. There is no more debilitating, crushing, self-defeating, sickening thing in the world--to an individual or to a nation."

"I'm supposed to have a Ph.D. on the subject of women. But the truth is I've flunked more often than not. I'm very fond of women; I admire them. But, like all men, I don't understand them."

"You treat a lady like a dame, and a dame like a lady."

"A man doesn't know what hapiness is until he's married. By then it's too late."

"Whatever else has been said about me personally is unimportant. When I sing, I believe. I'm honest."

Gracias, Frank
por las horas de incomparable música y por traer ese estilo a donde quiera que fueras y donde quiera que estes.


It's Frank's World, We Just live in it.

Algunas otras:

"Basically, I'm for anything that gets you through the night - be it prayer, tranquilizers or a bottle of Jack Daniels."

"I'm not one of those complicated, mixed-up cats. I'm not looking for the secret to life.... I just go on from day to day, taking what comes."

"Even wirey guys can be intimidating, if they have the mob connections."

"There's nothing wrong with having a slight temper."

"Here's a quarter dollface, Now go buy yourself some dignity and spend as much time possible lounging"

"The word swing can refer to music, but it can also refer to sex."

"Style can make up for quality, but everybody loves an asshole."

"May you live to be 100 and may the last voice you hear be mine. "

"Throughout my career, if I have done anything, I have paid attention to every note and every word I sing - if I respect the song. If I cannot project this to a listener, I fail."

"Never yawn in front of a lady."

"There are several things I think I would have done if I had the chance again. I would have been a little more patient about getting out into the world. I would have seen to it that I had a more formal education. I would have become an accomplished mu"

En español algunas frases pierden el sentido.
Lo bueno es que la música es el lenguaje universal.